Sky Business Centres goes to Ethiopia…


Pat Walsh Director of Sky Business Centres in Dublin visited Ethiopia this year to try an help those living in third world conditions. He went over there  to train locals up on how to use the internet to transact with Western companies via eLance.

The basic idea of the group is to try and improve the conditions in Ethiopia by trade rather than charity. By giving people small pieces of work it will help to provide sustainable income for them and their families. Ethiopia is the 7th poorest country in the world. Believe me their conditions make our recession look like a mega mega boom. By giving them small basic jobs they can build up their feedback rating and then go for bigger projects.

Here’s How it Works:

  1. This is NOT a charity, they are 100% clear that they must deliver. If you are not happy with their work – do not pay.
  2. Broadband is extremely slow in Ethiopia. Less than 1mbs. So large file transfers are not recommended
  3. This is a slideshare with some pictures of the Connect Ethiopia October mission and Elance Workshops trip:
  4. We have also setup a LinkedIn group. See Elance Ethiopia
  5. Sample starter jobs that our Elance Ethiopians can do include (but not limited to):  Setup your business on twitter and facebook, Update your business on facebook, twitter, blog etc on a daily basis, Simple website changes, Language translations – English–Amharic-English, Graphics Design, Data entry, Produce a report on your competitors websites, Find me a list of 10 x five star child friendly villas in France, Research a product or service via the web etc etc   i.e what tasks can you outsource remotely?

One Response to Sky Business Centres goes to Ethiopia…

  1. […] Clear your head and get a reality check by doing something good. Last year I travelled to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with Connect Ethiopia to train twenty three small Addis based businesses to become cloud based service providers. Spending time with people, whose priority is food for the day, helped me prioritise what is really important and not frivolous.  Most Ethiopians would welcome our recession conditions any day. See the slideshow at Ethiopia Slide Show and more information on our blog: Sky Business Centres Blog […]

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