Addis Expressions Art Exhibition @ Sky Business Centres



Addis Expressions is a contemporary Ethiopian Art Exhibition and runs from January 24th to March 21st  at our three Sky Business Centres Dublin locations.                           

The exhibition on loan from the Leinster Gallery Dublin  is part of Sky Business Centres programme of supporting Ethiopian Charities and Artists  and showcases the work of seven Addis Ababa based artists.  

 It is 25 years since Live Aid was held, yet the West still draw upon images of famine when Ethiopia is mentioned.  At the heart of this show is the desire to adjust the distorted image many Westerners have of Ethiopia.  The exhibition is an embodiment of a country that has a thriving art scene, rich culture and creative people.

The seven artists participating in the show have studied art at the renowned Addis Ababa Fine Arts School and some have exhibited and worked abroad.  Their backgrounds and experience are as varied as Ethiopians themselves and their work reflects this. They work in a number of different media and raise innumerable kinds of subject matter.  The artists try to capture both modern day life and some of the fast –disappearing aspects of Addis life.

The exhibition is open to members of the public and local businesses at these locations and dates.

24thJanurary –  4th February         –  Sky Business Centres, Clonshaugh.  

 7th February  – 4th March   –  Sky Business Centres, Clontarf.

7th March  –  21st March  –  Sky Business Centres, Damastown.

For location information see


For more information telephone 01-8941400  see: and


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